Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Road To success

Road to Success

Taming this world under my feet
I had no bounds to succeed
The only best in the masterplans
Trading my passion for glory
Went the distance and took my chances
I employed years to succeed

But now i'm on my feet
Alone in the ring
fighting with my conscience
World is like a cage to me
complaining the Trinity
for eveything that happen to me

Then one day i met a man
Like an angel he preched me
Now pondering on
i find his words very true.
"you have to lose to win
rising from the troubles
That you have seen
now you can love
now you can win
now you can choose
thats measure of the man
losing grip of the dreams
That you manevuered in your teens
thats not the road to fight it
Keeping them alive
is the only skill to survive
Rising up for the challenges
face to face
Go for the kill
tough is the journey
with the hunger for sucess
you are bound to complete"

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