Friday, 31 May 2013

Redeem of the dead

Redeem of the dead

Every hour,
walking across the barren lands,
I hear the unusual fray in my mind.
Even the starlet ceased to glitter,
midst the tranquil moonlight.

While transgressing in this abyss,
in my wilted mind, 
somewhere I hear her holy reverence 
following my relentless path.

With mirth she witnesses
smoldering of my soul,
and her partisan eyes mocks
the beginning of my end.

with each passing hour,
I desire to cease my wounds. 
While I witness apparitions
embarking my dreams. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Last Desire

Strolling the lands,
I reached the horizons,
where the crimson skies,
kissed the mystique seas.

And then,
I followed the gelid shores,
to meet the scruples of mine.

Amidst the ridges of silent sea,
There was a tug sailing in the wind.
While on the other side,
the blue mountains eclipsed the sun.

There in between the peaks,
I found a shadow moving solitary
also following the unfathomable seas.

Till the sun reached its horizon,
I chased him through the earthy terrains,
Veiling under the mask of oddity.

While I was trailing behind this apparition,
Even the revered Nox had already descended.
Reaching the cliff,
I gazed at the somber skies again,
to find the shadow fade in this dark night.

Then,I closed my solemn eyes
and found shelter beneath the skies.
But still I chased him in my eternal dreams,
and found my mortal being stranded in peace.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Charades of Darkness

Charades of Darkness

Silhouette of dreams,
she thought embarked in her life,
while she was still mourning her past behind.
She tried to cherish the charades of life,
But all she was left with apathy inside.

'Crone' other beldams addressed,
and acknowledged her with a murky smile.
And then they turned to the Midland woods,
for cutting down the logs of bitterness
to ablaze her for purging their grim lives.

Then the ominous night descended,
And the only thing gleamed,
was the luminous bulge in the sky.
But predators shrouded the shimmering light.
And the hags arrived,
with sadism and fire torches in their hands.

There she was standing in the woods,
under the labyrinth twigs of another life.
She was encircled in a noisy fray,
And the beldams beleagured her fate.

And the dawn ascended,
eclipsing the morbidity of yesternight.
Even the crimson rays,
felt the warmth of her smoldered ashes.
While the crones uttered,
the charades of the new dame in the hamlet.