Friday, 16 May 2008



Here descends Brahma,
"Lord of the universe".
With every footsteps,
on the shores of sullen seas
He foresees the Shadows besieging him.
But he Still tries to stroll,
in the dunes of sand
and reaches the terrains
where the mortals reign.
But suddenly he realizes,
the curse of Lotus
Still desolates him.
And He cedes the earth
and flees away to Eden
along with his rueful plaint.


Winnie the poohi said...

beautiful thought!

shabnam said...

nicely done...!kudos!

Anonymous said...

“rueful plaint” a quote might be helpful to your ending here.

Anonymous said...

well written

Deboshree said...

Beautifully put together..keep it up!

Prritiy said...

hi nice piece again.
Best Wishes

Rohan said...

Awesome...missed ur writing at the community.Now I know where to go..thank you for belting out one winner after another..

surabhi said...

good work yet again,,,,,as expected!