Tuesday, 13 May 2008



Everyday, I seek redemption,
At the of altars of death.
And again at some sacred sacrament,
He summons for the bleak oblation.

Oh Satan!!don ruin my vestal soul,
for I have baptize myself from
the hollow truths you have preached.
ablution of mind I have seek.

Like the wilt on the maize,
You were harnessing my body.
the symbiosis of your deeds and my mind
I would cease all, till I lie in my grave.

I know your maxims,the strait I jaunted,
surely, I relished heaven in this chasm
But what about my christen soul,
would it ever repose in eden.

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Psalmist Queen of the Southern Skies said...

This one I never read before and I have to say I am glad that I did nicely discriptive work too and like I said before you are truly the master of the dark.