Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Another Chance

Another Chance

Caressing the moments of Yesteryears,
I remember the days and the nights.
When we trekked the peak of the cliff,
And exchanged our oceanic breathes.

Please come back to my my flickering life,
Forgive me for the words I swayed,
Coz' , every time I see your grave eyes,
In my minds I hear a cupid cry.

Please don't punish me for that wretched night,
I Knew you were always right.
Even in my dreams,
I follow your unfathomable eyes.
Like an evangelist,
Please come back to my flickering life.

If I had another chance to love you.

Kissing the shadows of Midnight seas,
I would take you far to the lights,
Where even the moon would freeze to your sight,
Where only the sonnet of cupid rhymes.

Please come back to my my flickering life.