Saturday, 30 July 2016

Who am I?

Who am I? 

Every hour I straddle the destined paths
from crimson dawns to augured nights,
And when I repose on my armchair  
I retrospect on the existence of mankind.

Even I do not know,
when I will abode this place,
But I surely know, 
I will be again stranded 
amidst this same mankind. 

But again when I will commence
strolling different disdained lands,
in search of that divine light 
will my existence be the same?

Since our kindergarten 
we have been preached 
nothing in this mankind is eternal
But have anyone questioned 
the existence of these 
epics and
the revered books.

For a few moments, 
lets forget every ones existence.
But in this mankind 
everyone is opportune once
to have a glimpse of Almighty.
And when I abode, if HE questions me 
"Did your existence prospered the mankind?"
Will I be able to affirm
in my fervor voice, 
Or will my numb limbs 
crumbled in front of HIS divinity

Will I get free from the cycles of life
It all depends on HIS benevolence.
But what if the existence of Almighty itself
have similarities with the mankind,
then even we will start betraying each other.

For mankind 
treachery is like an addiction
With our eyes open, 
we always ignore 
afflictions of mankind.
We believe in building relations,
but seldom take efforts 
to nurture it till eternity.
We can roam like a vagabond 
in search of happiness, 
while we dwell in the masquerade 
and remorse on the things we don't have.

But in this entanglement of my pursuit
to enlighten myself on the existence of mankind
I still have to fathom the essence of my life.
Who am I? 

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