Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Last Desire

Strolling the lands,
I reached the horizons,
where the crimson skies,
kissed the mystique seas.

And then,
I followed the gelid shores,
to meet the scruples of mine.

Amidst the ridges of silent sea,
There was a tug sailing in the wind.
While on the other side,
the blue mountains eclipsed the sun.

There in between the peaks,
I found a shadow moving solitary
also following the unfathomable seas.

Till the sun reached its horizon,
I chased him through the earthy terrains,
Veiling under the mask of oddity.

While I was trailing behind this apparition,
Even the revered Nox had already descended.
Reaching the cliff,
I gazed at the somber skies again,
to find the shadow fade in this dark night.

Then,I closed my solemn eyes
and found shelter beneath the skies.
But still I chased him in my eternal dreams,
and found my mortal being stranded in peace.

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