Monday, 12 May 2008

Confessions of (un)dreaded soul

Confessions of (un)dreaded soul

Never heed to some vexed circles of life,
Its always guiles you with their sardonic play.
Even I revere Fear ,Pain and Faith.

But never get snared in their caper,
For it entwines your soul,
and follows you till your grave.

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Psalmist Queen of the Southern Skies said...

This was a good write from you and I have to say that the flow is very good and the structure is also as good too coming from you I wouldn't expect anything different at all.

Your work is amazing and I truly love to read them all and this one is no exception...I will always love your work Nishant no matter where you write.
This is a good and masterful piece of writing from one of the most darkest of masters in writing!